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Call 2-1-1 anywhere in Tennessee to find a mental health provider

     NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) hosted a Native American Mental Health Summit. One of the services requested by the Native community was a directory of Native organizations across the state, what services they provide, and a directory of mental health related services.

     The purpose of this directory is to provide information of services available to Native people living in or moving to Tennessee. NAMI does not promote any single organization, nor does it discourage anyone from contacting any organization. This is a data-base of current Native American organizations operating within the state, and a simple categorization by services and/or mission statements.
    Some listings may appear more than once, as they claim to offer more than one type of service. If you notice the absence of a service-oriented organization that needs to be included, please contact us with that information.

Due to the privacy associated with Spiritual practice, no listing is available for Ceremony Keepers. Persons seeking Spiritual counseling, or other Spiritual-based services will need to contact organizations compatible with their tribe/affiliation.

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